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Publication Management Software Technical Information

System Specifications
AdMate® for Windows is a Client Server Business System for Publishers.
Designed for Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers (both 64 and 32-bit versions). AdMate® is web-enabled. It can support an unlimited number of users and publications. AdMate® is ideally suited for both in-house and virtual offices.

Minimum Server Requirements
Pentium III, 500 mhz, 512 mb RAM
50 mb, plus 100 mb of free space

Minimum Workstation Requirements
CLIENT: Pentium III, 450 mhz, 128 mb RAM
MONITOR: AdMate for Windows is a 1024 X 768
application.17-inch is highly recommended
HARD DISK: 50 mb, plus 100 mb of free space

AdMate® is a Windows product. However, most of the newer Macintosh computers are capable of running AdMate®. The performance can be comparable to that of a Pentium PC.

Data Security Concerns
AdMate recommends Windows Terminal Services with Remote Desktop for the Windows and Macintosh Workstations be used through a VPN connection with both a hardware and software firewall.  This will ensure that unauthorized access to sensitive company data will be have the highest protection possible.